CSICon Las Vegas

Come Back to CFI Live on October 27 for Coverage of CSICon Las Vegas!

I’ll be honest. I don’t know what to expect from CSICon this year.

I mean, I know it will have amazing speakers giving fascinating presentations. I know it will be filled to the brim with attendees, great people all getting connected, making friends, getting enlightened, and enjoying each other’s company. And I know there will be a Halloween party with lots of super-smart skeptic types, a great many of whom, how shall I say, tend toward the nerdier part of the cultural spectrum. I’m mostly ready for all of that.

But I sense something more. I mean, it’s happening in Las Vegas, and that in itself means it’s going to be a little different than your average skeptic symposium, am I right? Come on, it’s being held in this Arthurian-themed medieval castle-casino-hotel venue, which I have to assume will at least lend some sort of, um, novelty to the proceedings (not to mention the joust we’re all going to witness). And there’s just going to be so many of us. It’s dizzying to think about!

If you can’t be there, I have one consolation. I’ll be here for you. Not in the emotional support sense, but I will be here at CFI Live, on the ground at CSICon, keeping you up to date and informed of the ideas, debates, sights, sounds, and hopefully-not smells of what is sure to be a remarkable event in a city that is literally like no other.

Bookmark this page – centerforinquiry.live – right now, and come back on October 27, and keep coming back throughout the weekend for mostly-real-time updates on everything that’s happening at CSICon 2016…or, at least as much as I can possibly process.

It almost doesn’t seem real, does it? But it is, I tell you. It really is.

I’ll see you back here on Thursday, October 27. You can also follow along with the CFI Twitter account with the hashtag #CSICon, and I promise: if Houdini finally shows up at the séance, I will totally get a picture on our Instagram account.