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Come Back to CFI Live September 23 for Women in Secularism 4!

In June, the Center for Inquiry debuted CFI Live at the Reason Rally, a new way to help as many people as possible get a taste of the experience of being at important CFI events. The CFI Live team brought insight and analysis of all the goings-on in real time, along with some of the sights and sounds of from speakers, activists, and attendees.

Now we’re doing the same thing for our next big event. Starting September 23, CFI Live will be your central hub for Women in Secularism 4.

This series of conferences, launched in 2012, has provided some of the most meaningful moments in all of freethought, tackling crucial and controversial topics that must be addressed: How religion curtails women’s rights; what issues women need the secular movement to address; the debate between safe spaces and free expression; the lessons that can be learned from other social justice movements to improve our own; and so much more.

The speakers at Women in Secularism 4 are going to be some of the most courageous activists and thinkers from across the disciplines, women like Rafida Bonya Ahmed, Katha Pollitt, Yvette d’Entremont, Annie Laurie Gaylor, Sarah Haider, Maryam Namazie, Kavin Senapathy, Emily Willingham, and other luminaries sharing their insights and passion. Visit WomeninSecularism.org for more.

So bookmark this site, and come back September 23, and keep checking in as the weekend goes on for more on Women in Secularism 4 in Arlington, Virginia.